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Fundraising isn’t a Job, it’s a Culture

Nonprofits depend on fundraising, but every organization handles it differently. Sometimes it’s the job of a few people to fundraise for the entire organization. At other times, everyone is required to take part. No matter which end of the spectrum your organization...

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Get Those Email Addresses

For those that haven’t noticed, the age of electronic communication is upon us in full force. Almost everyone has an email address and the younger generation tend to live on Facebook and messaging. Nonprofits have been slow to take advantage of this new medium and are...

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Help! I Inherited the Database From…

Can you relate to this scenario? You just inherited a database(s) that is meant for you to track down donations, board members, visitors and everything else. Perhaps there are several files with repeated information or better yet, incomplete information. Sitting in...

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The Power of an Authentic Thank You Letter

Growing up I would take yearly vacations to visit my grandmother in Texas. During these visits she would arrange visits with her friends and their grandchildren for play-dates. These arranged visits resulted in lunches, opportunities to swim in their pools and even...

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Stories About Amazing Donors

Do you have a story about an amazing volunteer or donor? Last month at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Minneapolis, MN we set out to collect stories that honors the folks that go above and beyond the call of duty.

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