Understand your data at a deeper level so that you can improve your fundraising and engagement. DonorSnap makes it easy for beginners using canned reports that are easily customized. Power users will gravitate towards the query tools to write advanced custom reports. All users are able to set up a custom dashboard to see a snapshot of the most relevant data for their role.  

Set Goals and Use Data To Increase Fundraising Effectiveness

In addition to tracking total dollars, every organization should be focused on donor retention and engaging lapsed donors. Next, compare fundraising campaign totals year after year. Run the new donor report to see how well your team is engaging new audiences. Even beginners can start analyzing these and more using the simple canned reports. Knowing where to focus is the first step toward improvement.

Automated Email Reports That Save You Time And Energy

Schedule your regular reports to show up in your email inbox when you need them. The dynamic date ranges keep your report settings up to date. Scheduled email reports are available for canned reports as well as custom reports.

Increase Productivity With Custom Dashboards

Each user gets their own dashboard to customize as needed. Aside from setting your own color scheme, choose the dashboard apps that are essential to your daily duties. See the recent donations at a glance, or highlight the progress of your pledge campaigns. Create goals of all kinds to keep track of your engagement and fundraising.

Power Custom Reports That Give You A 360° Understanding Of Your Supporters

If you consider Excel your friend, then DataMiner Platinum will steal your heart. This powerful query tool gives you access to all of the data in your database and exports to Excel for deeper analysis. These custom reports can also be used in other parts of DonorSnap for sending mass emails, generating mail merge letters, or even mass updating your data.

Explore Our Reporting Features

Dashboard Apps

Customize your dashboard with apps to streamline your donor management tasks.

DataMiner Platinum

This robust query tool can help you get any data out of your system. Use it for simple filtering or complex logic queries.

Email Contribution Statements

Send all of your contribution statements attached to a customized email in one click.

Keep&Share Calendar Integration

Display and edit your Keep&Share calendars on your dashboard.

Merge Duplicates

Find and merge duplicate contacts to keep your data clean and your expenses down.

QuickBooks Integration

Automatically transfer your donations to QuickBooks without duplicate data entry.

Standard Reporting

Pick from many canned reports to help you quickly run standard reports.


Create custom goals to track fundraising, volunteer, and event activity.

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