Online Donation Confirmation Page Ideas

When someone makes an online donation to your organization what is the first thing they see? Generally, it is a simple confirmation page thanking them for their donation with details of the gift. 

The moment someone gives to your organization is when you should start re-engaging them. The confirmation page of online gifts is a great space for you to start a thoughtful interaction with your donors. 

Below are some creative ways to leverage your confirmation page to engage online donors better and turn them into lasting supporters of your cause. 

Share an Impact Story with Powerful Imagery

You don’t have to wait for your formal thank you letter or an annual report to start sharing the impact of someone’s gift. Let your donors feel instantly good about their donations by sharing a short impact story on your confirmation page. This is a great opportunity to include a longer story since your acknowledgment letters are limited in space.

Invite Them to Become a Monthly Donor

Did you know that the recency of a donation is a predicting factor in whether or not a donor will give again? Asking for a second donation can be a sensitive topic for nonprofits to approach. However, offering a different option, such as becoming a monthly donor, is a tactful way to connect with your supporters while they are in the mindset of giving. Consider offering a link to your monthly donation page that details the benefits of recurring donations.

Include an Invite to an Upcoming Event

Another way to draw someone further into your organization is to invite them to an event. Your online donation confirmation page can be a great opportunity to include details about upcoming events. 

If you choose to keep your confirmation page updated with events, ensure it stays up to date. It is best to set reminders for yourself so there is never old information displayed on the confirmation page. (DonorSnap tip: you can use the Tickler app so you never miss an update). 

Final Thoughts

The confirmation page for online donations is a great opportunity for nonprofits to engage their donors immediately. While most online donation forms have a standard confirmation page with donation details, DonorSnap allows nonprofits to customize this space. Nonprofits can get creative and leverage further support and donations by offering powerful impact stories, links to become monthly donors, and invites to upcoming events. 


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