We Couldn’t Find Affordable, Easy, Scalable Donor Software

DonorSnap was originally written for a nonprofit school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Malaika Early Learning Center. Malaika found, like many growing organizations, that the existing options for donor management were lacking in many areas.

Relying on spreadsheets was too inefficient. Building a custom database with tools like Access and FileMaker was too cumbersome for part-time staff and volunteers to manage. Finally, existing online donor management systems were complicated and the pricing was designed to nickel and dime for every user and feature.

So We Built Our Own

The board president of Malaika, Dennis Mueller, wanted an online donor management software that was easy to use. He also wanted the ability to review fundraising activity from home or while traveling on business. He gathered his best programmers from his corporate staff, who were well-experienced in building online software applications for Fortune 500 companies.

The parameters were simple: Easy and User Friendly. It had to be written from the organization’s perspective, not from an IT or accountant’s perspective. This focus on simplicity naturally led to the name DonorSnap.

And Others Started Asking If They Could Use DonorSnap Too

Once DonorSnap was up and running in its most basic form, it became apparent how superior it was to anything on the market. At that time, Dennis and his team enlisted the help of an experienced online developer named Robert Carr from Silicon Valley. Robert was experienced both in developing online software systems and bringing them to market for one of the largest software companies in the Bay area.

With the team assembled, they leveraged the power of the internet to create a low cost solution. Together they brought a complete and secure product to the market. Nashotah Management, Inc. was enlisted to help provide funding and DonorSnap was launched as a private enterprise to serve the nonprofit community.

Today, DonorSnap has grown into one of the leading competitors in the online donor management software arena. The innovative pricing structures and feature enhancements have spurred along the competition and have reshaped the entire industry. DonorSnap continues to pioneer new advancements and focus on helping nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to succeed in their mission.

We're On a Mission To Help Grow Your Nonprofit Organization.