As a DonorSnap client, you can count on our support team. We’ve done our best to create an intuitive, easy to use donor management software system, but we cover any remaining gaps with outstanding support. Not everyone is well-versed in database speak, and they shouldn’t have to be! We’ll help you learn how to build custom reports, tweak your online donation forms, adjust your thank you letters, and answer all your donor management software questions.

Knowledgebase and Training Videos

Help yourself with the extensive help website. You will find videos and tutorials on every feature in DonorSnap. When you just need an answer to something simple or want to watch step by step how to do something, that website is your bread and butter.


Live Support Team

When you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, or you don’t want to look through the help site, that’s totally ok. Our email support team is super fast and efficient. We will answer your questions, give you instructions on how to build the report your ED wants, and even resolve issues with your mail merge letter templates. Custom videos and screenshots are one of our staples to make the support process clear and easy. For those of you that need to talk to someone on the phone, which is less than 1%, we offer phone support plans for an additional fee.


“We have been using DonorSnap for about 8 years and have found it the perfect match for our organization. For all its wonderful features my very favorite thing is the responsiveness of customer support. Whether I’m trying to figure out how to write a report or am wrestling with a mail merge, they respond quickly and get me back on track. “

Valle Dwight

Director of Development and Communications, Pathlight

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