3 Ways Nonprofits Can Run Smoother Events

Event season is upon us and there are many ways nonprofits can help lighten the load that comes along with running successful events. From finding the right support to helpful tools, we have outlined three things nonprofits should do today to help run smoother events this year. 

Secure Event Sponsors

Event sponsors are a great way to alleviate some of the costs of running your events. It is also a great way to connect with local organizations and businesses to build lasting relationships. The best way to get event sponsors is to look within your local community. Another way is to think about organizations that cross-align with your mission. For example, if you are a children’s literacy nonprofit you might look to local bookstores to sponsor an event. 

Read more about securing event sponsors here. 

Find Volunteers

Great volunteers can be the lifeblood of your nonprofit events. You will often need volunteers to help with event planning, procuring auction items, and helping run your event. It is worthwhile to invest in building a volunteer program at your nonprofit. This can help nurture your volunteers and retain them. Repeat volunteers offer numerous benefits such as less training and oversight being involved. If you have a yearly event consider recruiting volunteers for committees and focus on their retention. 

Learn more about building a successful volunteer program here. 

Invest in Auction Software

Auctions make a great addition to your nonprofit events and can boost fundraising to the next level. Anyone who has run an auction knows that managing bid sheets and transactions can be time-consuming and messy. Luckily, many great nonprofit auction management tools like AuctionSnap help simplify the process. With these tools, you can list items, offer mobile bidding to your guests, and import event transaction data into your CRM saving you countless hours of admin time.

Learn more about how AuctionSnap & DonorSnap work together here. 

Final Thoughts

Nonprofit events require many hands on deck. It is important to build the right relationships to ensure your events are successful. Event sponsors can help alleviate the costs of running your events. Great volunteers are also crucial to the success of your events for the sheer amount of time that is needed to pull them off. In addition to the right people, technology can help your nonprofits run successful events. It is worth investing in a good CRM and Auction Software to help manage your nonprofit events. 

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