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DonorSnap is your all-in-one nonprofit CRM software. Tailored for nonprofits, our CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software goes beyond traditional business-focused systems. It’s purpose-built to track and organize contacts, donors, members, volunteers, grants, and various other constituents vital to your nonprofit organization. Streamline fundraising with DonorSnap’s specialized nonprofit CRM solution.

Best Nonprofit CRM Software
Nonprofit CRM Contact Tab in DonorSnap with add contact box open and built-in + custom user defined fields.

Customizable Nonprofit CRM

360° Understanding Of Your Supporters

Start understanding your supporters and then use that information to effectively communicate with them. 

  • Understand donor history, preferences, and engagement levels, allowing for more personalized interactions and targeted fundraising strategies.
  • System comes ready-to-use with common data fields essential for nonprofits.
  • Users can create various types of user-defined fields to track additional information.

All-In-One Nonprofit CRM

All Your Data In One Place

DonorSnap gives nonprofits everything they need to manage their fundraising and donor records all from one place. 

  • Save money by eliminating multiple software subscriptions and potential errors associated with data fragmentation.
  • Create customized mailing lists, and execute print or email campaigns directly from the centralized platform.
  • Simple integrations with other popular systems such as QuickBooks and Constant Contact.
  • Protect sensitive donor information and fundraising data with enhanced security features.
All In One CRM
Screenshot of canned reports in DonorSnap and display options.

Turn Data into Knowledge

Easily Access the Data You Need 

DonorSnap keeps your fundraising and donor data clean and organized so you can find the data you’re looking for quickly. 

  • Built-in search tools for easy retrieval of contact information.
  • Reporting tools to facilitate performance analysis.
  • A variety of user-friendly and accessible canned reports.
  • The Dataminer Platinum tool for in-depth cross-referencing and complex data analysis.
  • Custom dashboards to regularly view specific information.

Streamline Your Workflows

Automate Communications With Donors

The Automated Task Manager in DonorSnap will make it easy to customize your communication with supporters and improve your donor retention. 

  • Automatically send a series of welcome emails to all first-time donors, introducing them to the organization.
  • Set up emails to wish donors a “Happy Birthday” or suggest hosting a birthday fundraiser.
  • Efficiently schedule personalized emails for the entire database in the time it takes to send one email.


Ensure Data Accuracy and Efficiency

Keep Your Nonprofit CRM Data Clean

A Database is only as good as the data in it. DonorSnap offers many tools to ensure your data is in optimal shape. 

  • Onboarding and data conversion ensure you are set up for success from the beginning. 
  • Duplicate alerts when entering new contacts and a simple merge duplicate feature. 
  • Free National Change of Address (NCOA) cleanings.
  • Excel import option for easy updating of a large volume of information simultaneously.

Best Nonprofit CRM

Save Time, Raise More,

Make a Difference. 

Streamline all the activities surrounding your fundraising so you can focus more time on fulfilling your mission.
Nonprofit CRM Software

Explore The Best Nonprofit CRM Software Features

Address Management

Manage multiple addresses for any contact in your database.

Contacts & Households

Track your contacts, donors, members, volunteers, grants, and all of the other different types of constituents


Customize your database to capture the information that you consider important for your organization to track.

Dashboard Apps

Customize your dashboard with apps to streamline your donor management tasks.

DonorSnap Mobile App

Access your DonorSnap records from your iPhone® or iPad® any time you need it.

Event Registrations

Create custom online forms to help you manage event registrations.

Excel Import

Import your data on a mass basis from a spreadsheet. Import contacts, donations, and more in a flash!

Interaction Tracking

Keep track of interactions specific to your organization. Manage event attendance, invitations sent, site visits, and more.

Membership Management

Keep track of membership level, dates, and pull reports to see which members should be notified of an expiring term.

Merge Duplicates

Find and merge duplicate contacts to keep your data clean and your expenses down.

Moves Management

Set up your own system to track your prospecting and donor cultivation so that you can efficiently fundraise.

Notes & Reminders

Document details of discussions, meetings or important information about a contact

Online Forms

Create additional forms for any number of uses such as change of address, volunteer sign ups, email subscriptions, and more.

Volunteer Tracking

Track volunteer hours, activities, and interests even when they are donors as well.


Redundant backups, multiple data storage locations, and secure hosting keep your data safe.

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