A Story of a Lifetime Volunteer

Photo by Catherine Scott, 2008

My Grandma Amy is a lifetime volunteer and donor. She has inspired me to volunteer throughout my life and showed me the need to give what you can to charity. I asked her to be a DonorSnap contributor and write about why she cares to help out in her community. I see my Grandma as a good example of the caring donor that many nonprofits would love to have as part of their support network. I asked her to write a bit about why she spends her time and money helping out people. This is what she had to say…

I am an 84 year old grandmother responding to why I am a volunteer and why I make donations.  While not living in luxury, I have enjoyed a comfortable life and been in good health.  I have always volunteered and had a career with a non-profit organization, so I know non-profits depend almost entirely on volunteers and donations.  As to my own donations, I choose causes that have meaning to me personally.  Occasionally a solicitation might cause me give more, but usually not.  I am not influenced by “gifts”.  A prompt thank you acknowledging my donation is appreciated and, of course, necessary for tax purposes. I might add that being a volunteer and a contributor is not entirely altruistic.  The rewards are many including the good feelings plus the wonderful people you meet who become part of your life.

Do you have someone in your community that is like Grandma Amy? Are they volunteering with your cause? Coming back year after year? Share your story with us.


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