Thank You For Activating Your DonorSnap Subscription!

Please review the next steps below for a complete picture of the setup process.

Your first payment will be charged in 30 days on 5/20/2024. If you have any questions about billing or support, please email support@donorsnap.com.

Step 1

Wait for your welcome email

You’ll receive an email containing your login information when your site is ready. This process is not immediate. During business hours it is usually completed within an hour.

Step 2

Data Conversion

Your welcome email will contain specific instructions on how to send us your data based on your current data format. If you have any questions immediately, email dataconversion@donorsnap.com.

Step 3

Private Training #1

We will walk through the basics and make sure everything is correct. We will also help you fine tune it to your specific needs. 

Step 4

Use DonorSnap!

Enjoy your new favorite tool! As you get going take advantage of the countless help videos and the support team that is eager to answer your questions.

Step 5

Private Training #2

When you’re ready for more training on any part of DonorSnap, schedule your remaining free training to cover any parts of DonorSnap.

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