Volunteer Tracking

Track volunteer hours, activities, and interests for all contacts, even when they are donors as well.

Manage Your Volunteers, Donors and Members All In One Place

Volunteer management is easy to keep track of using your DonorSnap database. Each contact has an additional tab for all volunteer activity. Whether your contact is a donor, member, volunteer, or any combination of them, you’ll be able to track it. The volunteer management system is pre-setup to track volunteer hours, activity, date, and comments. Just like every other area of your database, you can add additional user defined fields to make sure that you are tracking all of the information that your organization needs to.

Adding Volunteer Activity Records

New records can be added quickly directly from within a contact’s record. Fill out as much or little as you need to. Listed to the right are default volunteer fields to which custom fields can be added. The order and visibility of fields can be customized to each user if desired.

View a Contact’s Complete Volunteer History

By switching to the volunteer tab in a contact’s record, you can quickly see all of their volunteer history. The grid tools and filters are also accessible to help you narrow down activity records to help you see exactly the ones you are looking for. If you wish to build a complete volunteer interests profile, you can do so on the main contact tab.

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