Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages to your contacts using the integration with Twilio

Send mass SMS text messages to a list of contacts using the Text Messaging Campaigns tool. For a more personal back and forth conversation, use the Text tab of your database to send text messages and receive replies in real time.

In order to utilize this feature, a third party account with Twilio is required. Twilio offers a $500 credit for all approved nonprofits through their Impact Access program.

Create your contact list

DonorSnap’s powerful query builder, DataMiner Platinum, makes it easy to select your contact lists based on communication preferences as well as past activity. Easily choose your volunteers to send a reminder of what supplies they should bring to the afternoon volunteer event. Target last year’s event attendees to text them a link to this year’s event registration form.

Personalize your texts with mail merge fields

As you send a mass sms text message to your list with a strong call to action, include mail merge fields like Salutation to add a personalized touch. The system also includes a shortcut for including links to your Responsive Forms for online donations, event registrations, tracking volunteer hours, collecting pledges, etc. DonorSnap has a built in link shortener for your forms to save characters in your text messages. 

Track your statistics and replies

After you send your mass text message, see whether they were delivered or not in the Results tab. Replies show up on your dashboard where you can respond back right from DonorSnap to continue the conversation.

Send one-off text messages

When you just need to communicate with one person, you can carry on that conversation by looking up the contact and going to the Text tab. Choose which phone number to start a conversation with and receive replies in real-time just like on your cell phone. Any of your staff will be able to see a history of the conversation and pick up where you leave off.

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