Small and Growing Nonprofits

Small and Growing Nonprofits

Small non-profits have a special place in our heart because we know how essential it is to have easy to use, full-featured donor management software. It’s the smaller staffs that benefit the most from efficient software, and DonorSnap is all-inclusive. That means you get every feature that even the largest organizations get, at a fraction of the price. These tools are designed to help you grow by increasing your personalized communications, increasing online and recurring donations, and decreasing the amount of time it takes to manage your nonprofit’s fundraising. As a small and growing nonprofit, you will be up and running in no time with our included 4 hours of data conversion time, and two private trainings to get you set up and learn how to use DonorSnap when you need them. Sign up for a demo today to see well how DonorSnap will work for your organization.

Greg Harris

Fundraising, Outreach, and Volunteer Coordinator – Clackamas County Dog Services/Clackamas Dogs Foundation

“I do support work for a foundation that supports the programs where I work. I have had experience with other donor related software and have to say that DonorSnap is very easy to operate. I had no one to teach me how to do it and I figured most of it out on my own. Mark, in the support department, has been wonderful in helping me create reports that were not previously in our system and helping me troubleshoot issues whenever they arise.”
“As far as I know, the foundation used Paypal prior to evolving to true, donor software and DonorSnap has done a great job and has met our needs. DonorSnap was in place when I started in December of 2018, but it was very easy to learn! The customer support is always very responsive, very speedy and always helpful!”
“The biggest impact of using DonorSnap has been its ease of use. It has allowed us to accept many types of donations by easily modifying our donation types. It also allows us to easily communicate with our donors. Being able to easily integrate with the donation page of the foundation website makes everything very easy. We love how it easily integrates with Word and Excel!”

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