Recurring Donations

Schedule recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis from a single form.

Let your Donors Automate their Giving

Many people have made the switch to automated payments for all of their bills simply for the convenience of being able to set it and forget it. While you don’t want your donors to forget your organization, you also don’t want them to forget to make the donation they pledged a year ago. Help them make sure that their donation will be make by setting up recurring donations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Create Your Recurring Donation Form

DonorSnap’s easy form builder will guide you through the process of making a great form. No html or web design experience is required. We also allow you to use the skills of your web designer to extensively customize your form using html to fit with the design of your website. Embedding a form in your existing website is also easy to do. Leave the formatting and text out completely and embed the form using the automatically generated code so that your visitors will never leave your website. Once you create your form, the URL never changes. That means you can continue to make changes to an existing form without ever having to update the code on your website. To make a great tool even better, since you do all the setup and maintenance yourself, you can create an unlimited number of forms all active at the same time. It also means that there are never any charges for the creation of a new or the modification of an existing form. The tool is designed so that anyone of any skill level can start collecting recurring donations almost immediately.

Review Scheduled Donation Listings

Once a supporter schedules a recurring donation through the form, the payment is processed and loaded into your DonorSnap Sandbox. This is where you can review all of the processed payments and make sure everything is as desired before bringing them into your live database. When you have donations pending processing, you’ll be notified right on the home screen when you log in. After the first recurring donation is processed, all subsequent donations will be linked and ready to load into your database with just one click.

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