Pledge Tracking

Track pledges accurately with reporting, ability to write off a balance, and applying donations to a pledge seamlessly.

Manage Your Pledge Activity

DonorSnap provides you with tools to manage the pledge process from start to finish. It is easy to create a Pledge within the system and then to apply subsequent donation receipts to the pledge. The system allows you to monitor the status of a specific pledge or to view all pledge activity as a whole on printed reports. A donation forecast report is available to help an organization try to estimate incoming receipts based upon initial pledge information.

Easy to Create Pledges

Pledge set up is easily accomplished within DonorSnap. Click on the Pledge tab for a Contact and select add. The basic Pledge information screen contains options to create email pledge reminder notifications. These notifications can be sent to the donor, their organization contact or another third party.

Apply Donations to Existing Pledges

As part of the donation receipt process, the organization can easily apply the donation to an outstanding pledge. Once the donation has been posted, a summary of the outstanding pledge amount is available either as part of the Donation Detail or on the Pledge Detail page.

Print Pledge Analysis Reports

DonorSnap has several specific reports for reviewing pledge activity.

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