Online Forms

Create additional forms for any number of uses such as change of address, volunteer sign ups, email subscriptions, and more.

Let Your Contacts Enter Their Own Information

Responsive Forms means that your donation form or address update form will resize itself to look wonderful on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. No programming knowledge require! You can create an unlimited number of interactive web forms with DonorSnap to collect information directly from your contacts over the internet. Forms can be created to sign up new contacts, solicit volunteers, register for events, collected pledges, sign up for newsletters, and so much more. Unlike other systems, there is no charge to create new forms, modify existing forms, or use the form tool.

Easily Create Forms Yourself

You don’t need to hire a third party programmer or a web developer to create your own custom online collection form. DonorSnap will walk you through creating the form in a couple easy steps. The general categories of forms you can build include:

  • Contact level information
  • Donations
  • Interactions and Registrations without Payment
  • Interactions/Registrations with Payment
  • Volunteer hours
  • Pledges

Form Settings

The second step is to add your own graphics, text, and any other adjustments desired from the default settings. Choose your own styles, colors, and fonts to reflect your organization.

Form Builder

The form builder uses simple drag and drop to assemble your form. Add headings and text boxes to any place in your form to add clarity and additional style.

Example Registration Form

This registration form that collects payment and creates an interaction record in your database. It includes a widget from Google Maps which was a simple copy/paste.

Example Donation Form

Get fancy by adding additional images to your form hosted from your own website.

Example Volunteer Form

This last example demonstrates the volunteer hours tracking. It also uses Google Fonts to add additional customization.

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