Online Donations

Collect donations online by creating your own custom forms that integrate with your database.

Make It Easy for Your Donors to Give

Creating an online donation form makes it easier for your donors to give to your organization. DonorSnap has created an online form tool to allow your organization to solicit and receive payments over the internet through goEmerchant. Best of all it integrates directly into your DonorSnap account. You can create as many forms as you’d like and change them as often as you see fit. There is no extra charge for the online form tool and no limit to the number of forms you can maintain. That’s often a hidden fee with our competitors. (There are fees charged by goEmerchant to accept credit cards at a rate of 2.7% + $0.32 per transaction or 0.00% + $0.50 per ACH transaction along with a $15 monthly fee.)

Great Looking Forms

No matter what kind of smartphone or computer your donor is using, the form will look great. There’s no pinching and pulling to be able to see the fields well. DonorSnap takes care of all of that for you.

Create a New Form

Creating a new form is as easy as clicking “Add” on the Create/Edit Online Form page of DonorSnap. You can create a form from scratch or choose one of our existing templates to get you started.

Customize your Settings

You control what the form says and how it looks. No html or programming experience is required! (But if you want to use some of that, you’re certainly welcome to!) Easily adjust the page colors, upload your logo, and write your header/body content.

What Information Do You Want to Collect?

Simply drag and drop the DonorSnap fields you’d like to appear on your form. You can change the order, default values, make fields hidden, or mark as read only. Headings, text boxes, or even html can also be added to the form to customize the look even further.

Add the Form to Your Website

Once you’ve created your form you will need to add the link on your website. Don’t worry if you want to make future changes to the web form. This link never changes, so you can edit the form as many times as you’d like in DonorSnap without having to make changes to your organization’s web page. (Note – if you simply want to do an email campaign, you can create the form and email out the link. It doesn’t need to appear on your web site.) DonorSnap also generates html code to embed a form directly into your webpage. In that scenario, the donor never needs to leave your webpage to make a donation.

Data is Automatically Stored in DonorSnap

When the user completes a transaction the information is automatically uploaded into DonorSnap. We store the information in a processing area to allow the user to decide if they want to load the information as it is or to link the transaction to an existing contact in the database. We hate having duplicate contact records in the system and this step helps you review and ensure that you’re not adding a new contact to your system that already exists.

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