DonorSnap On-Site App

Easily collect donations in person at live events with the On-Site App.

DonorSnap users can now collect donations in person via the DonorSnap On-Site app!

With the DonorSnap On-Site mobile app nonprofits can easily collect event registrations, volunteer hours, cash/check donations, and process credit/debit card donations. It is included in every DonorSnap subscription and is available as a free app in the App Store.

Powered by DonorSnap’s Responsive Forms tool

The On-Site mobile app is powered by DonorSnap’s Responsive Forms tool. Each Responsive Form you create is available in the On-Site app. For a simplified workflow, all formatting is removed. Nonprofits can now move through a line of people at an event check-in much faster than using an embedded form on their website. Enjoy a simple contact search feature to pull in donors’ info in seconds. It also displays their existing contact info on the screen for easy review/updating.

Options Include Collecting Cash/Check or Processing Credit Card

When using the DonorSnap On-Site app for donations and payments, there are a few options. The donor can hand you cash or a check and this system will create a donation record without the need to process a credit card transaction. The other option is to use a card swipe device attached to an iPhone or iPad with a lightning port. You’ll need to contact goEmerchant to purchase the required card swipe device and set up a retail account.

Currently, the only card swipe device that is compatible with DonorSnap On-Site is the Magtek iDynamo 5. This device must be purchased from goEmerchant directly and connected to an iPad or iPhone using the lightning port. There is a one-time fee of $80 for each device you want to purchase. There are no additional fees of any kind, monthly or per transaction compared to your normal online donations. The use of this device and swiping cards is covered under your existing goEmerchant account used for the Responsive Forms tool. The per transaction rates for swiping cards are identical to the fees of cards charged through your Responsive Form.

To get started, download the DonorSnap On-Site app for iOS on the App Store. (The app is not available for Android.) Contact goEmerchant at ISVSales@first-american.net to set up a retail account and purchase any card swipe devices you need.

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