Merge Duplicates

Find and merge duplicate contacts to keep your data clean and your expenses down.

Keep Your Database Clean

As your organization grows you will get contacts added to your database more than once. It’s hard for the person maintaining the database to know everyone’s spouses name, place of work or nickname. However, to the donor, it’s important that they only be listed once. Donors do not appreciate receiving multiple copies of the same newsletter mailed to their home with 2 or 3 different possible iterations of their name. It reflects poorly on your organization and sends the message that maybe they are just a number to you instead of a valuable part of your mission.

Review Your Data and Eliminate Duplicates

DonorSnap encourages its users to constantly review their database to eliminate duplicate contacts. Our grid design facilitates this process by allowing you to quickly change the order of your data to scan and review for errors. (For example, sort your data by street address or email address from time to time and then scan the results). Once you’ve identified duplicates, use our merge duplicate tool to help you consolidate all of the donor activity from two different records into one. We can’t keep the duplicates from entering your system but we can help make it easy to consolidate them out of your system.

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