Membership Management

Keep track of membership level, dates, and pull reports to see which members should be notified of an expiring term.

Track Membership Levels and Renewal Dates

Using DonorSnap’s user defined fields, you can customize your system to track membership levels and membership expiration dates for your contacts and create queries to let you know whose membership has expired or is about to expire. If you integrate your DonorSnap site with Constant Contact you can send automatic email reminders to contacts whose membership is about to expire. Better yet, use our online forms and donation system to create an automated renewal system for your members that will integrate directly with DonorSnap. In addition to these features, you can use DonorSnap’s Persona feature to track separate memberships for family members on the same contact record.

See Your Key Information at a Glance

Your membership information is captured on your contact master record and is available for viewing on both your contact grid and your contact record.

Whose Membership is about to Expire?

You can easily use DataMiner Platinum to create a query to report on memberships about to lapse. The results of this query can then easily be exported to Excel, integrated with a custom letter for a mailing or linked to Constant Contact for a blast email.

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