Create custom goals to track fundraising, volunteer, and event activity.

Track your goal progress each time you log in

Goal types range from donation amounts to volunteer hours to event registrations. An unlimited number of goals can be set up for each site. Each user can choose which goals to display on their dashboard.

Add Custom Goals to your Dashboard

Fundraising goals can be created to track donation amounts or the number of donations made. Segment your goals by campaign, contact type, organization contact, first time donors, and more. Event goals and interaction goals are designed to track the number of registrations and other interaction types in your database. Keep an eye on your progress leading up to events so that you know when to ramp up your efforts. Volunteer goals track the total number of hours or the total number of volunteers for your target segment. New contact goals allow you to track new contacts that have been added to your database. Set your criteria based on a date range and organization contact, contact type, etc. Once you’ve got your goals set up, you can even customize the colors. Style each goal differently or assign colors based on the goal type for a more organized look. You can also move them around on your dashboard to draw attention to the most important information.

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