Free NCOA Cleaning Each Year

The main role of DonorSnap is to manage all of the data for your organization’s supporters. This includes your donations, volunteers, memberships, pledges, event attendance, grant proposals, reports, etc.

One of the many included benefits of DonorSnap is a complementary NCOA (National Change of Address) cleaning each year. Compared to other services, your DonorSnap subscription could pay for itself with this benefit alone!

For example, DonorPerfect charges $295+ and Bloomerang charges $425+ for a one-time standard NCOA cleaning. Now for all you planners, it’s not a big deal that DonorPerfect takes a week to process the NCOA. For the people that tend to procrastinate… you’ll be pleased to know that the entire process in DonorSnap takes about 15 minutes!

What else does DonorSnap have to offer?

In addition to free NCOA, every DonorSnap subscription includes:

  • Mass Emails (enough for at least two emails to every contact in your database per month)
  • Unlimited email acknowledgement/thank you letters
  • Unlimited email contribution/year end donor statements
  • Unlimited fully customizable online forms
  • Scheduled reports delivered by email

This is just a sampling of what’s included that other systems charge extra for. Experience why so many organizations are using DonorSnap to manage all of their fundraising activities today!

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