Foundations & Grantmaking

Foundations & Grantmaking

Organizations focused on fundraising and grants will love the benefits of DonorSnap. With automation tools, scheduled reports, and custom dashboards, you will be able to keep the ball constantly rolling. These tools will prevent lapsed donors from falling through the cracks and keep your fundraising asks moving forward. Customize your workflows to meet your needs and your specific fundraising processes. The integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop eliminates the hassle and errors of duplicate entry. Use the built-in communication tools to thank your donors promptly and personally in addition to mass emails. Sign up for a demo today to see how well DonorSnap will work for your organization.

George D. Sutcliffe Jr.

Executive Director, The Deerwood Foundation

“The Deerwood Foundation was created in 1994, during Camp Deerwood’s fiftieth season, as a memorial tribute to Ferris Thomsen, founder and director for the first thirty-five years. The Foundation has a Board of Directors, an Executive Director and a Campership Administrator. The Foundation is a separate entity from Camp Deerwood, but the goal of the Foundation is to provide scholarship money to support worthy campers. The Deerwood Foundation (Fed ID 52-1880596) is a non-profit organization issued exemption under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.”
“For the first 23 years the Foundation used a variety of databases all based on personal computers. I was appointed as its third Executive Director with the mandate to upgrade the management of our database. Our database had grown close to 3,000 individuals on three different formats! “
“Because I was completely new to this type of job, my learning curve started with educating myself with what types of web-based options there are and what a small Foundation like ours really needed. The options are many and most are made for really big Foundations with a multitude of office staff and very large databases and a large operational budget. When I came across DonorSnap I was immediately intrigued as it seemed to cater to small organizations yet has the power to support larger organizations. The price structure was incredibly enticing as our operations budget is not large.”
“I reached out to DonorSnap with a series of questions and a request for the contact information of present users. The first clue to that I was exploring in the right direction was that Mark Mueller emailed back very quickly and we had a series of email exchanges – all of which supported my first good impressions. I then contacted two organizations that used DonorSnap and had email communications with one and a phone call with another. These “sealed the deal” for me and not for a second have I questioned my decision! DonorSnap has been the best contribution to the Deerwood Foundation I have made in my three years as its executive director. “
The first move I made was to email our combined databases to their staff to convert our various files to their web-based system. I was afraid that our varied database would cause them trouble and that it would result in losing data and costing more than the standard (which is extremely reasonable) fee for conversions. The conversion was done completely and quickly! I was one happy camper!!”
“The next move was to spend an hour with Joanna with a one-to-one tutoring lesson. Joanna is terrific and I learned so much so quickly that after that I was ready to begin to purge our database while at the same time enter new contacts and their donations. I have taken part in a few of the Wednesday Live Training Webinars. These are very instructive. On top of all this valuable support is the incredibly helpful library of past webinar videos and general help files. In the few times I haven’t been able to figure out some technicality I have emailed questions and usually within minutes I have the help I needed. Quite often it has been Mark himself that has provided the help!”
“On a day-to-day basis, I find DonorSnap exactly what our organization needed. Over the last three years I have purged our database down to what it should be and now we have a realistic number and I can grow it from there. Whether it is editing contact information, adding donations, customizing our input data, etc. DonorSnap is easy to use and always reliable. I have never not been able to access our information. The only limitation I have is that I live a long way from the newest technology and have to rely on the slowest type of DSl line! Even at 3Mb DonorSnap works well. “
“I have been so happy with DonorSnap that I contacted Mark with the offer to provide whatever reference and endorsement he would like if someone should want to do what I did and seek reactions from present users. While I can’t speak for organizations with very large databases, I can speculate that DonorSnap can’t be beat for any organization that wants a robust set of features and extremely responsive support system at a price that is highly competitive.”

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