Environment & Conservation

Environment & Conservation

DonorSnap is used extensively by organizations focused on the environment including land trusts, conservancies, lake and river associations, bog and habitat management, and others. The communication tools built into DonorSnap make it easy to send out mass emails to your supporters highlighting the efforts of your organization and the current fundraising needs. Track your volunteer activity and use that data to target new donation and volunteer asks. Personalize your thank you letters and send them out by email, saving time and mailing costs. Automate email reminders like membership renewals and asks to host a birthday fundraiser in your organization’s honor. The increased communication and reporting capabilities included in DonorSnap will help your organization succeed in accomplishing your mission. Sign up for a demo today to see how well DonorSnap will work for your organization.

Terry Houston

Admin & Facilities Coordinator, Civic Garden Center

“DonorSnap is the most user friendly donor management tool I have ever used. In the past 16 years I have used 4 other donor management databases. DonorSnap is straight forward, easy to customize, create and generate built in reports, mail merge donor letters, as well as creating and making registration and contact forms. The other products that I’ve used, in the past, were cumbersome and did not provide anything close to the ease of creating and generating reports as DonorSnap. The online classes and recorded tutorial videos are so helpful when getting started and are at the ready when needed further down the line.”
“I have been most impressed with the support that the staff of DS provides. If I have an issue/question, I send an email and the response is very quick. It is rare that I’ve had to wait more than twenty minutes for assistance or for an answer to my question. This wasn’t the case with other donor management products. These folks are terrific!”
“We use DS to not only track donors’ info but also track volunteer hours and projects and to register and take payment for our classes and events. Being able to collect volunteer data online and take class/event registrations and payments has significantly increased the time that I have to devote to other tasks and projects. Thank you, DS!”

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