Constant Contact Integration

Send mass emails to your whole list or any part of it in a flash using our direct integration with Constant Contact!

Send Mass Emails to Any Part of your Database

The integratation with Constant Contact allows your mailing lists to be synced in just a couple easy steps. You no longer need to worry about maintaining two contact lists or trying to track specific user information in your email system. Let DonorSnap manage all of your contact information and simply pass over to Constant Contact the information needed for your mailing. This is a great way to send your email newsletters!

Select Your List to Sync

DonorSnap integrates its DataMiner Platinum query tool with Constant Contact. Now all you need do is create a query to identify the portion of the database you wish to send a mailing to. Next let DonorSnap sync that list with Constant Contact. You only need to tell DonorSnap which query you’d like to use to do your mailing and which fields you would like to sync.


Click and Drag Field Mapping

Constant Contact mailings can include information from almost any field in the DonorSnap contact record including user defined fields. Click and drag the desired DonorSnap field over to the appropriate Constant Contact field. DonorSnap does most of the work by automatically matching up the standard fields. Once you’ve decided which data to include in your mailing, upload that information into Constant Contact. Now you’re ready to use the Constant Contact system to create impressive and professional looking email campaigns.

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