Email Contribution Statements

Send all of your contribution statements attached to a customized email in one click.

Go Green and Mass Email Your Contribution Statements

Not only will this feature save you the time that it would take to print, stuff, seal, and mail each of your contribution statements, but it could pay for your DonorSnap donor maangement subscription outright with all the money your organization will save on printing and mailing. In a few easy steps, you can create a customized email using merge fields and send it with the appropriate contribution statement attached. This feature is included in your DonorSnap subscription and does not require any additional account with any third party email services.

Personalize Your Email

This screen is where you have the ability to write the email that each of your contribution statements will be attached to. Choose to include merged data from any of your contact fields so that you can personally address your donors in a meaningful way.

Preview and Send Your Emails

Before you commit to sending all of your emails, stop and take a second to preview an email or two. In this area you can review the merge fields to make sure they are pulling in the exact information that you want. You can also open the pdf contribution statement to review it and the customized footer comment that you can add to it.

This screen also gives you the option to email a test copy to any email address that you would like. It’s easy to preview the email in different email inboxes that you control and check to make sure it is not caught by spam filters. This test email will also include the attachment and the merge contact data just as you would expect it to be received by your donor. If everything checks out, send the single email or close the window and send all of your emails in one click.

After you send any emails, you can see a record of them on the next screen. This record cannot be deleted and will remain for historical purposes. An option to resend individual emails is also available in case you need to do so.

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