Email Acknowledgement Letters

Automate and email your thank you letters or receipts directly from DonorSnap.

Thank Your Donors Right Away

Email Acknowledgement Letters are exactly as they sound. Instead of printing and mailing a thank you letter/receipt for a donation, you can now generate a pdf letter and attach it to a personalized email. That means no stamps, no printing, no labels, and no envelopes.

Send Personalized Emails

Emails don’t have to be generic. Take advantage of your database by merging fields to personalize the email. The email body is also a great place to include organization updates, a recent story that your donor might be interested, or an extra place to say thank you. Customize them to suit your needs and let your donors know that you care.

Attach a Word Mail Merge Letter

Your PDF acknowledgement letter or receipt can be formatted any way you like. Create your letter in Word using .doc or .docx and upload it into DonorSnap. This allows including images, special fonts, and other branding of your organization. It can be as simple or as fancy as you desire to make it.

The PDFs are generated in one swoop and when they have finished, your emails are ready to be sent. Choose which ones you would like to send by email and which ones you would like to print all from the same screen.

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