Donations and Payments

Donation Records

Manage all of your donations in one place. See full donation history in a glance and use user defined fields to help categorize donations.

Donation History at Your Finger Tips

DonorSnap keeps the entire detailed donation history for every contact in your database and provides you easy access to the information. You can use DonorSnap’s standard donation grid or customize your screen to show you the fields you want to see for each donation so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

View All Donations at Once

View your donations in the grid view to see all the contact’s donations at one time.

Drill Down in Donation Detail

Click on the expand details arrow and you can quickly view all of the information related to any given donation. This will include any user defined fields and related pledge information.

Soft Credits

Track any gifts, even when you need both a hard credit and a soft credit.

Tracking Soft Credits

Often an organization wants to acknowledge or track that an individual arranged a donation to the organization even though they aren’t the one that made the actual donation. This is often the case, for example, with United Way donations. The actual donation is from the United Way but more than likely an individual directed the donation to the organization through the United Way.

In-Kind Donations

Collect non-cash donations? Track donations of goods and services as well as cash

All Donations Are Welcome

Non-monetary gifts can easily be tracked with DonorSnap. The user can add a donation type to capture these types of gifts (such as “In-Kind Donation” used in this example). In addition to capturing an estimated value for tax purposes, specific information about the gift can either be captured in a user defined field or in the donation comments.

Linking Fields is Easy

During site set up simply tell DonorSnap to link the data from a user defined field in an activity table to a user defined field in the contact master. Once the link is established, DonorSnap will update the contact master every time the Donation is updated.

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