DataMiner Platinum

This robust query tool can help you get any data out of your system. Use it for simple filtering or complex logic queries.

Find Gold in Your Data

What’s the use of having a robust and easy to use database unless you can “mine” your data to find information that is useful to your organization? Simple questions such as “Who gave last year but hasn’t given this year?” should be easy to answer by your database software. However, why stop there? How about “Who have we invited more than 5 times to an event that has never given us a donation?” or “Who hasn’t given in the past 5 years?” These questions are easy to answer with DataMiner Platinum. You create the query and then use DonorSnap to answer the question and export the data to Constant Contact, Excel or a mail merge letter so you can actually make use of your data.

Easily Create New Queries

DonorSnap allows you to create an unlimited number of queries. Some queries will be to answer a specific question and only need to be run once. Other Queries may be ones that you’ll want to run over and over as your database constantly grows and evolves. Once a query has been created, you can return to it at any time to review the most current data. As you make changes in your database, DonorSnap will automatically update your query with the current data so that you can analyze it without any hassle.

Access Any Data in DonorSnap

DataMiner Platinum allows you access to any of the data stored within your DonorSnap database. This includes not only our standard fields but also any user defined field that you’ve created.

What Information Do You Want to See?

Not only can you access any table in DonorSnap, you can also export any data field. Simply select the eligible data fields for that query and include them in your results. DonorSnap will allow you to select your desired fields and the order that those fields should appear.

Build a Query

DonorSnap allows you to ask both simple and complicated questions of your database. The query screen is designed to ask the more involved questions (if you simply want to include or exclude specific information, you can do that using the Grid Filtering on the Review Data screen without even building a query.) You don’t need to be a programmer to get at your information, and most people can easily build their own queries after following the online video tutorials. However, if you find yourself stumped, just email our support group and we’ll help you build your first few queries until you get the hang of it.

Review and Use Your Results

Collecting data just to collect it is not a good use of your organization’s assets. Using that data is how you unleash the power of a good Donor Management system. The results of your queries can be used to build more effective campaigns, mailings, or action plans for your organization. You can review your results on the screen, export them to Excel for analysis/reporting, pass them over to Constant Contact for an email blast or use them in a custom letter. DonorSnap displays your results in an easy to review grid that allows you to further filter and sort your results.

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