Contacts and Households

DonorSnap is your all-in-one software for managing your supporters. CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) for nonprofits isn’t about managing customer and sales as it does for businesses. It’s software specifically built for tracking your contacts, donors, members, volunteers, grants, and all of the other different types of constituents that support your organization.

Explore Our Contact Management Features

Contact Records

Track almost any type of data you would like for each person in your database and view it all on the contact’s record.

View Contact Records

Opening one or more contact records in the grid is an easy way to see records side by side. Alternatively, you can click the “Contact” tab to display only the selected contact record. All black fields are DonorSnap system fields that are pre-configured for all databases. You have the option to hide or disable any of these fields as well as add any user defined fields you may need which are displayed in blue.

Multiple Name Household

Personalize communication to households with multiple last names.

Get the Name Right

How an organization addresses its contacts goes a long way in determining the success of a solicitation. Spelling their name wrong, omitting a spouse or assuming that people living in the same house have the same last name are cardinal sins when it comes to development. DonorSnap has the capability to handle two name households built right into the software.

You Decide How the Name Appears

DonorSnap provides the first and last name fields as standard for each contact. In addition to those fields, we create a default set of envelope lines, salutation and acknowledgment to be used for your various mailings and reports. Although we provide a standardized default, you can easily override that information and create specific salutations, acknowledgments and envelope lines for any of the contacts in your system.

Organization Contact

Assign contacts to specific staff members and use it to limit the visible records to only that user’s contacts.

Only DonorSnap Has It

DonorSnap has a unique feature that allows you to assign an organization contact to any or all of your contact records. This organization contact could very well be the board member that introduced the contact to your organization. Once an organization contact has been assigned, you can take advantage of report selection features. This will enable you to print out reports for the organization contact to allow them to see only their key donor activities. In addition to reporting, the organization contact is also used to send timely donation activity reports so that the board member can be kept abreast of their key donors’ contributions in a timely manner. Lastly, the system has built in security features that can allow access to DonorSnap but only to contacts listed to a specific organization contact. This allows individuals to only see a subset of the entire DonorSnap database.


Manage multiple people in one company or household and track individual interests, volunteer activity, donation activity, and more.

Track Separate Information within a Household

At times, having one set of Contact information for a household is not enough. An organization may want additional detail that relates to a specific person (persona) within a household. For example, school based organizations may want to track the parents as the contact but may want to maintain information on the children such as birth date, current classroom, etc. Some organizations may want to have unique information for each of the spouses in the household such as their volunteer interest, email address, etc. DonorSnap allows the customization of persona records to meet the needs of your organization. You can add in any number of user defined fields to meet the needs of the organization.

Affiliations and Relationships

Manage multiple addresses for any contact in your database.

DonorSnap’s Affiliation system allows you to create a record within your database showing the relationship of various contacts to one another. This visual tool allows you to quickly see who a person is related to in the system and what the nature of the relationship is. This tool is often used to capture employee/employer information; family relationships; and key social relationships for major donors. DonorSnap allows you the flexibility to define types of relationships to match your organizations operations.

Toggle Between Related Contacts

You can quickly move between related contacts within DonorSnap by clicking on the affiliated contact’s “Contact #”

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