Board Email Notifications

Alert board or staff members with an email when a key donor makes a donation so that they can be thanked without delay.

Notify Board Members Immediately

DonorSnap allows you to identify key donors and link them up with key members of your organization (such as board members) so that you can send out an email notification whenever a donation is received. You no longer need to wait until your next regularly scheduled board meeting for members to find that their friends or key contacts have donated. This helps tighten the bond with your donors since now they can receive timely acknowledgment from both the organization and the individual most responsible for linking them to the organization. Once you’ve linked individual donors with their key contact, email notifications can automatically be run.

Customize Your Email

The organization can customize the email to board members and decide what information about a donation the individual should know. You can also include the contact’s email address so that the Board member can quickly click on the address and send a personalized thank-you.

Process the Email Notification

The organization controls how often to send the email alerts. The system will automatically group together alerts for each board member into one email.

Timely Notifications Means Better Relationships

Providing the board member with an email notification will help them raise more money for your organization and properly acknowledge your key donors. Allowing them to quickly and personally thank a donor helps them reinforce to the donor the organization’s appreciation.

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