Save Time Connecting with your Supporters using The Automated Task Manager

Adding automation to your workflow will revolutionize your fundraising. The Automated Task Manager (or ATM for short) schedules and runs your routine DonorSnap tasks on a daily basis. Each ATM task you set up will email the contact based on a date field in their record. 

You can set up an ATM campaign to notify donors of expiring memberships, send them a personalized email a few weeks before their birthday asking them to host a birthday fundraiser, or email the link to your recurring donation form 60 days after a monthly donor’s last donation. You can also use ATM for more general communications like a welcome email series, to cross promote other programs, or just to send a happy birthday message.


Build Your Automation Campaigns

You can set up multiple ATM campaigns, so start by brainstorming a list of communications that can be left to automation. Once you have crafted your message and when it will go out you can start building your emails. 

Set up your Tasks

The tasks in the Automated Task Manager are the individual emails that will be sent from your campaign. Your campaign may have just one email in it or it may be a series of emails sent over time.  You choose the timing of your tasks and DonorSnap handles the rest. 

Track your campaign statistics

After you start sending your ATM campaign, track how many emails were sent, opened or clicked in the email results tab.

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