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As a new DonorSnap user, there are a number of Set Up considerations in the beginning, to optimize the use of your new site. Click on the images below for more information.

Create Your Users. Set Up all your DonorSnap Users and their Rights to the database and feature menus under Maintenance > Site Setup > User Setup. Your DonorSnap site can have unlimited users, each with their own security and menu options.

Customize Your Dashboard. Once you are logged in as Your individual User, customize the “apps” you want on your Dashboard, such as Recent Donations, Top Donors, set up Goals or a Donor Retention chart.

Create your Acknowledgement Letters / Receipt templates in Word and upload in to DonorSnap. Your site can house multiple Thank You letters and Receipt templates which can be printed or emailed.

Integrate DonorSnap with QuickBooks. DonorSnap integrates with both QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop. Push payments from DonorSnap to QuickBooks with ease.
QB Desktop Guide
QB Online Guide

Create your account with goEmerchant. DonorSnap users goEmerchant services for online payments. Establish your account, integrate in to DonorSnap, build Donation forms, Event Registration forms, Membership and Pledge forms. You can take any types of online payments with goEmerchant.

Customize your DonorSnap Site Lookups, the options underneath the BLACK fields that came installed with your DonorSnap site, such as Attributes, DonationType, MailCodes, Appeal, etc. under Maintenance > Site-Setup > Field & Screen Customization

Customize your User-Defined Fields, BLUE fields that were added during your conversion. Or Add New Fields to your DonorSnap database. DonorSnap allows for over 200 additional fields per table, so you can track all pertinent information about your contacts. Customize under Maintenance > Site-Setup > Field & Screen Customization > User Defined Controls tab.

Add your Organization Contacts. DonorSnap allows you to assign an individual contact to a Board Member or Key Staff member. Customize those names under Community > Organization Contacts.

Set your System Date. By default, DonorSnap’s system date is a calendar year ending 12/31. If your organization works on a fiscal calendar, update your settings under Maintenance > Site Setup > Additional Site Options.

Run a Duplicates Report. DonorSnap’s Duplicate report gives you 6 different ways to search for duplicate records in your database. Reports > Administrative Reports > Duplicates Report.

Once you have identified a duplicate, Maintenance > Merge Contacts tool allows you to merge records together.

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