Linked User Defined Fields

Video Outline

  1. Create user-defined fields that are linked to and automatically update other user-defined fields on the contact screen
  2. Example: Adding Membership Level to the Donation page, that will automatically update the Membership Level on the Contact Screen.

*Note that this video uses an older interface of DonorSnap, however the process of adding and using a Linked field is still correct.

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Merging Contacts

Maintenance > Merge Contact

DonorSnap provides an automated tool to move all of the activity records (Donations, Notes, Volunteer hours, etc.) from one Contact (Old Contact) to another Contact (New Contact).  This tool is useful when duplicate Contact records are discovered in your system and you want to consolidate all activity under one Contact. Continue reading “Merging Contacts”

Site Setup – User Defined Setup – Adding and Customizing Extra Fields

Maintenance > Site Setup > Field and Screen Customization >
User Defined Setup

User Defined fields are the BLUE extra fields added to DonorSnap.  Adding User Defined fields is how you customize DonorSnap to your needs to track Membership information, Volunteer data, Interests, Skills, Communication preferences, etc. Some User Defined fields may be imported from your original conversion. Continue reading “Site Setup – User Defined Setup – Adding and Customizing Extra Fields”