Administrative Reports (Duplicates Report and Master List Report)

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Duplicates Report

The Duplicates report gives you 6 ways to find duplicates in your database (the video shows 5, however recently DonorSnap has added the ability to search by duplicate Email address as well).

Run the reports and print from here. After you have run the report and found your potential duplicates, go to Maintenance > Merge Contact to combine duplicates and automatically move of the donations and other activity records to one final contact.

Available duplicate checking options:

  • Duplicate Names
  • Duplicate Name, Organization, and Address
  • Duplicate Organizations
  • Duplicate Addresses
  • Duplicate Phone Number
  • Duplicate Email Address

Master List Report

The Master List report lists all of the drop-down options in the DonorSnap fields, for easy viewing.

** You cannot customize drop-downs from here; go to Maintenance > Site Setup > DonorSnap Site Lookups.

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