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Create your thank you letters or receipts in Microsoft Word and upload in to DonorSnap.

You can have as many documents as your organization needs (upload a new one for each Event or type of Donation, such as Memorial, InKind, Golf Tournament, etc.).

Here’s a video on how to create your letters in Microsoft Word:

TEMPLATE: General Thank you letter

TEMPLATE: General Receipt + Thank you letter

Here is a written guide for creating and uploading your letters.

Watch the  30-minute webinar to walk you through each steps of creating your letters.

When entering a donation, utilize the Batch Code, the title of the letter to be printed. Also the Acknowledged box will, by default, be un-checked, indicating that the donation Has Not yet been acknowledged. This will trigger an alert on the Dashboard (if you Add App for “Acknowledgements Pending”).

In this processing area, the un-acknowledged donations will be grouped based upon the “Batch Code” that was entered at the time the Donation was entered. Use of this “Batch Code” allows you to tailor specific letters for specific types of donations.

If you do not specify a “Batch Code” then the donations will be grouped together in the batch “–N/A–“.

Generating Letters:

  1. Select the document you have uploaded.
  2. Select the Batch of donations to print this letter for by clicking on the blue  “Generate” button in the grid next to the applicable batch. DonorSnap will now generate the Mail Merge documents and send them to your local computer ( opening up Word for you to review them).  From here, specify your printer and print the documents.
  3. Update all of the donations in that batch as having been Acknowledged by clicking the blue “Flag Update” button next to the applicable batch.  This will set the “Acknowledged Flag” in each donation to “Yes”.

Exporting the information to Excel

This is a useful tool if you want to examine the contents of a batch prior to printing.

Its also a helpful way to create an Excel spreadsheet template to use in preparing your initial Mail Merge document in Word.

The Excel Spreadsheet will have all of the fields that are available for printing along with the exact field names as used in DonorSnap. 

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