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Processing > Email PDF Acknowledgement

Email you Thank you letters as PDF attachments. Select Donations that have not yet been acknowledged and match those Donations with an already loaded Acknowledgment letter.

From there, the Donation Acknowledgment can either be emailed or printed for mailing depending upon the users preference and whether or not a valid email address is available for the Donor.  The email acknowledgment is sent as a PDF document along with the email.

The Email Acknowledgment process works like all other DonorSnap screens where you work from right to left using each tab to complete the process.   The basic steps are:

  1. Acknowledgment listing: Pick an existing batch that you would like to work on or click ADD to create a new batch of Donations to acknowledge.
  2. Filters: Specify which batch(s) of Donations to acknowledge.  Select the mail merge document you wish to use for your Donation Acknowledgment.  This letter must have already been uploaded  (Processing > Documents and Labels > Upload/Download/Delete)
  3. E-Mail settings: Create your custom email to accompany your acknowledgment letters which will be PDF attachments.
  4. Generate PDF: Create the Acknowledgment Letter based upon the donation information and the mail merge letter selected in step 2.
  5. Review Donations selected for acknowledging and choose to either send the acknowledgment via email or to print the acknowledgment (or both).  If a donation does not have a valid email you still will be able to print the acknowledgment.
  6. Once a donation has been acknowledged it will appear under this tab.  The user can see the letter that was sent, reprint it or resend the email acknowledgment.

Acknowledgement Listing Tab

Add a new batch to create new letters. Each batch is only used one time, but they can be copied each time you come back. When you’re finished, you can easily see what has been done in the past and archive batches you no longer want to see.

Processing Batch column:

Pending – this batch is currently waiting in the queue and has not started generating your PDF’s
Yes – this batch is actively generating your PDF’s
No – this batch is no longer running or waiting to be run

Total Batch column:

This column will show the total number of PDF’s in the batch once the PDF’s have started being created.

Batch Processed column:

This column shows you how many PDF’s have already been generated. In other words, this is the overall progress.

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