Upload and Manage Word Documents for Acknowledgements and DMP Batch Letters

Processing > Documents and Labels > Upload/Download/Delete

Create your mail merge documents in Word and upload them to your DonorSnap database. Use your documents to generate Acknowledgement Letters, DataMiner Batch Letters, envelopes, name tags, etc.

On this page you can download previously uploaded letters or delete them entirely. After downloading an existing letter to your computer, make any necessary changes in Word and upload it back to DonorSnap. Continue reading “Upload and Manage Word Documents for Acknowledgements and DMP Batch Letters”

Email Contribution Statements

Processing > Contribution Statement Email

Email your End of Year Tax Statements directly through DonorSnap!

This process will generate stock, merged (for example, will say “Dear Bob”) emails to your donors. Contribution Statement will be attached as a PDF, and appear the same as the printed statements do under Reports > Donation Activity > Contribution Statements.

  1. Click Add New Contribution Statement Listing.
  2. Use a template if you’ve previously created an email batch
  3. Name your batch of emails (such as 2021 Donations or Donations Over 100)
  4. Use the Statement Type field to select whether you want to use the standard statements or use a Custom Contribution Statement
  5. (If using Standard) You can add four single spaced lines as a footer to the statement. This is where you would put your “No goods or services…” line. (Tip: Press Shift+Enter to add a line break which creates a single spaced line.) This footer will be the same for each statement. Type this in the “Statement Report Footer Comment” section
  6. Click Insert.

Email Settings

  1. Customize your email on the Email Settings
  2. Type a From address (in case they reply); or it will be sent from the no_reply@donorsnap.com email address
  3. Customize the Subject Line
  4. Type the Message of your email.

Insert Merge Fields from the box on the right

Such as Dear <Salutation> (will insert the first name of your contact), or DonationAmountPriorYear will insert the total of their giving for last year.

The Text Editor is similar to others throughout DonorSnap: Insert Bullets and Numbers, Tables, Links. Change font sizes and colors, paragraph justifications, and insert images.

Inserting Images

You can insert images (logos, pictures, design characters, etc.) into your emails, using images uploaded into the Image Manager under the Maintenance tab.

From there, copy the URL of the uploaded image.

Back in your email click the icon to Insert Image and Paste the URL into the line at the top of this box.

Additional Resources:

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Adding Images to Emails and Forms

Email PDF Acknowledgement (Email Word Thank You letters)

Processing > Email PDF Acknowledgement

Email your Thank you letters as PDF attachments. Select Donations that have not yet been acknowledged and match those Donations with an already loaded Acknowledgment letter.

From there, Donation Acknowledgments can either be emailed or printed for mailing depending on whether or not a valid email address is available for the donor.  Your Word-document Thank you will be attached as a PDF.

Can I send a Thank You letter withOUT a PDF Attachment? No. This system is designed to include that attachment of your formal letter.

First you must create your letters as Word documents and upload those into DonorSnap. Click Here for more information. Once your letters are uploaded, this video will walk you through all the steps:

The Email Acknowledgment tool works like all other DonorSnap screens where you work from right to left using each tab to complete the process.   The basic steps are:

  1. Acknowledgment listing: Pick an existing batch that you would like to work on or click ADD to create a new batch of Donations to acknowledge.
  2. Filters: Specify which batch(s) of Donations to acknowledge.  Select the mail merge document you wish to use for your Donation Acknowledgment.  This letter must have already been uploaded  (Processing > Documents and Labels > Upload/Download/Delete)
  3. E-Mail settings: Create your custom email to accompany your acknowledgment letters which will be PDF attachments.
  4. Generate PDF: Create the Acknowledgment Letter based upon the donation information and the mail merge letter selected in step 2.
  5. Review Donations selected for acknowledging and choose to either send the acknowledgment via email or to print the acknowledgment (or both).  If a donation does not have a valid email you still will be able to print the acknowledgment.
  6. Once a donation has been acknowledged it will appear under this tab.  The user can see the letter that was sent, reprint it or resend the email acknowledgment.

Acknowledgement Listing Tab

Add a new batch to create new letters. Each batch is only used one time, but they can be copied each time you come back. When you’re finished, you can easily see what has been done in the past and archive batches you no longer want to see.

Processing Batch column:

Pending – this batch is currently waiting in the queue and has not started generating your PDF’s
Yes – this batch is actively generating your PDF’s
No – this batch is no longer running or waiting to be run

Total Batch column:

This column will show the total number of PDF’s in the batch once the PDF’s have started being created.

Batch Processed column:

This column shows you how many PDF’s have already been generated. In other words, this is the overall progress.

Additional Resources

Adding Images to Emails and Forms
Embed Custom Fonts in Word Templates

Labels and Text Letters

Processing > Documents > Labels and Text Letters

When you just need to create a simple letter or batch of label, this tool is the best option. It does not support images or fancy fonts, but it can be personalized with mail merge fields through a drag and drop interface without ever leaving DonorSnap. Continue reading “Labels and Text Letters”

Batch Code

Community > Contacts > Donation Tab > Batch Code Field

The Batch Code field indicates which thank you letter this payment will receive. Select the batch code as you are entering donations on the Donation tab or through the Mass Entry tool. Batch Codes can also be pre-populated and hidden in an online donation form to be included once the donation is processed in to DonorSnap.

Batch Codes are not automatically populated with the names of your thank you letters nor linked to uploaded letters. Continue reading “Batch Code”

Printing Standard Contribution Statements

Reports > Donation Activity > Contribution Statements

A Contribution Statement is a listing of a contact’s donations within a certain time-period (most commonly at year end). These statements would then be sent to the donor for tax purposes. You might also call this a tax receipt or a giving statement.

Statements are generated as a PDF based on your criteria and will generate one page per Contact. Using the standard version of this tool, you can choose from a selected few donation fields to display and the page orientation. For more full-featured customization options like adding your logo, other fields, and your own formatting, please refer to the Custom Contribution Statements tool instead. Continue reading “Printing Standard Contribution Statements”