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Customize your Grid Layouts for all users under Maintenance > Site Setup > Field and Screen Customization > Screen Layouts tab

(Customize your individual user grids under the username menu in the upper right and use User Settings.)

Modifying Grid Layouts

Each Grid for the Contact and its Activity Tables can be modified.  You can select up to 20 columns to appear on the grid and specify the order of those columns.

To modify a default grid layout, choose the “Grid Settings” at the top of the page and then select the specific Grid you wish to modify (Contact, Address, Donation, etc…).

Move fields between the two boxes using the arrows – or simply drag.  Adjust the order of the fields by dragging up and down the list.

Remember to Save Changes before navigating to another Grid or page.

Modifying Page Displays

Modifying page displays is identical in process to modifying the grid layout.

The Right box contains the Enabled (visible) fields; the Left box contains the Disabled (hidden) fields. Move fields from box to box with the arrows in the middle. Note that any disabled fields can be re-enabled at any time.

There are a few nuances with designing a page display that you should consider:

  • You can omit standard DonorSnap fields that you don’t intend on using from your page (fax number, suffix, Organization Contact).  However, these fields do still exist and will be options in Excel Exports and DataMiner Platinum.  Also, when you add new records, these fields would be populated with “Null” since no information was physically entered into them.
  • Certain fields are usually grouped together and coded with the same color.  For example, Title(2), First Name(2),Last Name(2) are all colored the same.  You can move them up or down in your page display order but they will also move as a block and be in the order as shown. You can move a data field from this group off the page into the column on the left.
  • Although Address has its own Table (since a Contact can have multiple addresses) you can display the default address on the Contact Page.

Once the changes are made, remember to Save Changes.

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