Responsive Forms – 6 – Recurring Listing

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Online Forms > Responsive Forms > Recurring Listing tab

The Recurring Listing tab shows you the details of all recurring donations that have been scheduled through your Responsive Form.

Toggle between open, completed, and cancelled donations in the Status column. Change the dropdown to select the types of records that you want to see.

Expand a row by clicking the arrow to the left of it. This expanded view will show all of the completed payments and their details for the recurring donation. Click the DonorSnap icon on the far right of each line to jump directly to the donation record in your database.

To cancel a recurring donation, click the Cancel button to the right. This will stop all future payments from being processed. If a payment has already been started, then you will need to void or refund it through the goEmerchant portal.

If a donor prefers to not receive a confirmation email after each successive donation is processed, you can turn this off on a case by case basis. Click the button on the far right in the “Send Recurring Emails” column. When the button says “Yes” then the emails are active. When it says “No” then the emails are inactive.

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