Donation Flags (Acknowledged, Anonymous, Organization Contact Email Sent)

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DonorSnap utilizes simple flags to identify if a particular Donation has been Acknowledged to the Donor, whether or not the Donation is Anonymous, and whether or not the Organization Contact has been notified via email of the donation.


By default, the Acknowledged box is UN-checked. If you plan on generating an Acknowledgment document using DonorSnap, leave this box unchecked.
An alert will appear on the Dashboard to print the Acknowledgement letter.
After you’ve printed your documents, select the Update Acknowledgment flag option and the program will check the Acknowledged box for you.

If the Acknowledged box is checked, DonorSnap assumed the donation has been acknowledged. If your organization has a manual method of acknowledging Donations or does not want to use DonorSnap to create an acknowledgment form, check this box when entering the Donation.


DonorSnap allows you to flag a particular Donation as being anonymous.  This flag is used by several of the report printing routines.  Those routines give you the option to omit all Donor Information for Anonymous donations.  Checking this flag will not automatically omit Donor information from being printed on the various donation reports.

Organization Contact Email

One of the powerful features of DonorSnap is for the system to automatically notify someone within or related to your organization of a key donation that has been made.  There are several setup steps initially that must be taken for an organization to take advantage of this feature.

  1. You must create an Organization Contact record for anyone who will be receiving emails (Community > Organization Contact)
  2. The Organization Contact needs to be selected on the Contact tab

If the above steps have not been selected, then the Organization Contact Email box will be grayed out with the word “No” in it.  You will not be able to change this field.

If step 1 & 2 have been completed, then when you enter a new Donation for the Contact, the Organization Contact Email box will have the word “Pending” in it.  This means that an email should be sent to this Contacts – Organization Contact.  Emails are batched together and sent when the user visits Processing > Organization Contact Email  and “Generates” the emails.  The system will group together all donations that relate to one Organizational Contact and put them together into one email so as not to flood the Organization Contact with multiple emails.  Once the emails have been generated, this flag is automatically set to “Yes” by DonorSnap.  Should you wish to resend an email, you can edit the particular Donation and rest the flag to “Pending” and it will be included in the next email batch generation.

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