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Reports > DataMiner Platinum > Pledge > Pledge Detail Information

DataMiner Platinum Reports

There are 3 different pledge-related reports you can build in DataMinerPlatinum.

DataExport Tab > Pledges > Detail (at the bottom)

The Detail report will show you ALL pledges within the criteria you build in to your query.

This is a handy report to show All Pledges to the Capital Campaign, for example (especially if someone has made multiple pledges).

This will show Pledged Amount, Total Collected, Total balance due, etc.

**This report will not show actual due-dates and upcoming payment schedule

DataExport Tab > Pledges > Summary (at the bottom)

The Summary report for Pledges is rarely used, because it will combine multiple pledges per DONOR, to give you a TOTAL of what they’ve pledged over time. It literally summarizes all the pledges out there.

DataExport Tab > Pledges > Pledge Detail (at the bottom)

The Pledge Detail report will show you the upcoming due-dates and payment schedule, as well as general information about the pledge.

Pull the Pledge Detail fields on to your Field Export (they are all the way at the bottom of the list of available fields).

The Review Data tab will display Pledge Detail fields about the respective pledge payments, and the general Pledge fields about the overall pledge.

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The Dashboard is the first page displayed upon logging into DonorSnap. This page provides a customizable interface to help you see an overview of your database as well as highlight tasks that require action on your part.

Adding New Dashboard Apps

To get started, click the  button on the Right side of the screen, to bring up the app choices window.

Editing and Deleting Existing Apps

When you hover over the upper right corner of an app, you’ll see three icons appear. Click the Gear icon to change the settings for an existing app. Click the arrow icon to minimize/maximize the app. Click the X icon to close the app entirely.


DonorSnap Goals can be set up for many different scenarios. Create donation, volunteer, interaction, and contact based goals and track the progress on your dashboard. Goals can be kept private for a single user or can be shared among all users.

For more help on selecting the right settings, take a look at the Goal Definitions Page.


The Tickler app is Your ToDo list: reminders you have created for particular contacts in your databse. The app will display all tickler items that have not yet been completed, but it can be customized to display items only pertinent to you.

  • Ticklers are added on the Tickler tab of each Contact record.
  • From the dashboard, open the pending Tickler by clicking on the arrow icon on the left adjacent to the Tickler item you’d like to visit.
  • Use the Tickler system to remind you about tasks relating to specific Contacts.  In addition to the Tickler system highlighting open items on the Dashboard, the system can generate automatic reminder emails to notify you of past-due tasks.

Favorite Pages

The Favorite Pages app allows you to create shortcuts to any page in DonorSnap. If you find yourself going to a few key pages on a daily basis, you might be interested in adding them to a favorite pages app. Another idea is to add multiple favorite pages apps for different scenarios. Create one for your daily tasks and one for your year end reporting.

Quick Search

The Quick Search app allows you to quickly search any of the fields in your database at the same time. By default it will search every field in your database, so you’ll want to make sure to customize your search settings. Select only the fields relevant to what you will most often be searching including name, address, user defined fields, etc.

Acknowledgements Pending

The Acknowledgements Pending app displays all of the donations that are currently not acknowledged. See at a glance which batch codes need processing along with the number of records and the total donation amount. Click one of the two links below the chart to go directly to the processing page. If you do not have Email PDF Acknowledgements enabled for your user account, the shortcut link will not be displayed.

Organization Contact Emails Pending

If your organization is using the Email notification system to alert key organization members of donations made by designated contacts, this app will display whether or not Emails are ready to be sent out.  To process these emails, use the shortcut link at the bottom of the app or go to Processing–>Organization Contact Email and select the Generate Email option.

Upcoming Free Trainings

Wednesday Webinars, always at 1pm ET. Always Free. Anyone can attend.

Stay informed about the upcoming free training webinars. Register by clicking on the button or use the shortcut below it to watch any of the past training recordings.

Keep & Share Calendar

If you’re using Keep&Share, DonorSnap will allow you to display a calendar from your account through this integration. Add your Keep&Share account login and then select which calendar you’d like to display.

Recent Donations

The Recent Donations app shows you all of the most recently made donations. In the settings, you can determine how many records show or filter it to only show records of a certain campaign, appeal, accounting code, etc. This app can be displayed in either the right or left column of your dashboard. When it is positioned on the left, only the first three columns will be displayed. Click the arrow icon on the left to jump directly to that donation record.

Top Donors

The Top Donors app will show you the contacts with the highest donation totals. Adjust the time frame and the columns in the settings. This app can be displayed in either the right or left column of your dashboard. When it is positioned on the left, only the first three columns will be displayed. Click the arrow icon on the left to jump directly to that donation record.

Pledge Report

The Pledge Report app allows you to see at a glance the pledge and non-pledge donations given toward a campaign, appeal, or accounting code. Each app can categorize pledges and donations based one of those three fields at a time.

The optional date range will select non-pledge donations based on the Donation Date and pledge records based on the Pledge Date. Only these pledge records will be reflected in the pledges collected/outstanding columns.

Yearly/Monthly Donations – Bar Graph

Keep an eye on your overall fundraising progress year to year or month to month. Use the date range to select how many years/months you want to track and adjust any filters as needed to remove donations that should not be counted toward the fundraising progress you are analyzing. Create multiple apps as needed if you’d like to narrow the focus to more specific kinds of donations.

Donor Retention

The Donor Retention app helps you to see how well you are reaching the people that have already donated to your organization. Since you know these people are already on board with your mission, a low donor retention rate is a sign that you are wasting a lot of effort on finding new donors when you could instead be engaging the people that have already shown interest in your organization. This app can be run based on calendar year, fiscal year, or custom dates.

Text Message Replies

The Text Message Replies app shows at a glance when you have received new text messages. Click the arrow on the left side to jump directly to that contact’s Text tab. Hover over the word bubble to view the text of the reply. Click the reply icon on the right to open the conversation view window and chat with your supporter.

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Giving Report

Reports > Pledge Activity > Giving Report

The Giving Report shows both donations and pledges by donors.

Choose your Date-Range, criteria of Donation Types, Appeal and Campaigns.

The Report viewer will show both donations (non-pledges), Pledged amounts and pledges outstanding, with a total given (donations + pledges) combined.

The Export to Excel will show the same information with additional contact information, such as Address, Email, Phone number, etc.

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Pledge Aging Report (status of pledges and past due payments)
Pledge Forecasting Report (expectation of future payments)

Pledge Forecasting Report

Reports > Pledge Activity > Pledge Forecasting

The Pledge Forecasting Report shows what pledge payments you are expecting for the future.

Enter a Future Date Range (what you are expecting through… 2021 for example)

Filter on Type, Appeal & Campaign.

Group Monthly, Yearly, Quarterly, etc.

Segment by the Contact to show individual’s upcoming pledge payments, or by Campaign/Appeal to see what those are expected to make in the grouping you chose.

This report only exports to Excel.

Writing Off a Portion of a Pledge

If at anytime you wish to write off all or a portion of a Pledge, Edit the specific Pledge, enter the date of the Write off and then the amount of the write off.
DonorSnap only maintains one write off field per Pledge.  Therefore, if at a later date you decide to write off more of the Pledge, you would need to adjust the original Written Off Amount to the new cumulative written off amount.

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