Mail Merge with Microsoft Word

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“How do I make the letter put in their first name instead of using Dear Friend?”
This is the essence of Mail Merge. 

Insert “merge fields” in to your Word Document: your appeal mailing, mailing labels, membership cards, newsletter, etc., so that Microsoft Word will insert their Name, Address, YTD Donation amount, so on and so forth. 

Where does DonorSnap come in?  This is where you will create the Mailing List you need for the people you are mailing. 

  1. Create your mailing list in DataMiner Platinum of WHO. Include all of the fields (on the Field Export Selection tab) you will want to insert in to your Word document. 
  2. Export your DMP report to your computer where you can find it later. 
  3. Create your Word document. Insert place holders for the address block, the Dear line, etc., where you will want to insert your merge fields. 
  4. In Word, use the Mailings Tab to Select Recipients > Use an Existing list. Find your DMP Excel file that you’ve just downloaded. 
  5. Click the Insert Merge Field button to insert your fields into your document. Preview results, Finish & Merge. 

**If you are looking to Mail Merge your Acknowledgement Letters (Thank you letters) in DonorSnap, use THIS video instead. 

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