Building DataMiner Platinum (DMP) Reports – 3 – Field Export Selection

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The Field Export Selection tab is where you choose which fields to export to Excel. Your exported spreadsheet will include a column for each field you choose in the order that you have them selected.

The first list on the left contains the list of all available field names that are not yet selected for inclusion in the export. This is a list of all the Contact Fields (including User Defined) and all of the fields from the Activity record (if one was chosen).

The middle column shows all of the records that have been selected for inclusion in the Excel spreadsheet. Move fields from the Available Column to the Selected Column by using the left/right arrows or by dragging.

Aggregates for Summary Fields

The final column is only used when building a Summary report. Here, choose an Aggregate for how the program displays the field. For a more detailed explanation read this page.

Max – The maximum value of any activity record selected for the specific contact

Min – The minimum value of any activity record selected for a contact

Sum – A summary of the data in that field for any activity record selected (Note – only numeric fields can be summed)

Avg – The average value of all the data in that field for the activity records that were selected

Count – A number of records that were selected for that particular contact

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