Building DataMiner Platinum (DMP) Reports – 1 – Batch Listing

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The DataMiner Platinum (DMP) Batch Listing tab shows all of the existing DataMinerPlatinum reports that have been built. This is where you will start to build a new, copy an existing, or edit an existing report.

Current Batch: Shows which Active Query has been selected (by using the tabs: Data Export, Field Export, etc., you can modify the Active Query)
Add New Record: Creates a new report
Trash Can icon: Deletes the selected Query report

Click “Add New Record” to create a new DMP query report.

Select a Template or Copy an Existing Report – DonorSnap has a series of stored query templates that represent often used queries. All of your existing reports are also displayed in this list and can be copied by selecting it. It may be helpful for you to start with an existing template and then modify the query to meet your specific needs.  To select a template, simply click on one of the dropdown options.  If you don’t want a template or copy of an existing report, leave this field alone.

Title – This is a short name for your query to help you find it later on.

Description – This is a more detailed description of your query and its purpose.  Again, this is used to help you identify the function of a query.

File Name – Not required, however this will create the name of the Excel output file.

Once you have completed filing in the appropriate information you would “Insert” the batch into your grid and continue on to the second tab “Data Export Selection”.

Next Steps:

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