Building DataMiner Platinum (DMP) Reports – 4 – Query Builder

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The Query Builder tab is where you create the criteria used to select your records. In other words, you are defining what to include or to exclude from your report. This step is not required, and a blank query will select all records.

For example, if you want a statewide mailing list, build a report that looks like:
State/Province = WI

After clicking the Save/Validate button, the words “Saved” will pop up in red next to the button.

Additionally, the system will combine your query lines into an almost English looking sentence that starts with the word “WHERE.” Read it as “Select all contacts where State/Province = WI.”

If there is an error in your query (something the computer can’t understand) the words “Errors Exist in Query!!!” will show up in red to the left of the WHERE.  If this does not show up then you have a valid query and can move on to the step where you review your data.

To add a line to your query you would first select one of the Query line buttons:

AND/OR – This will add a logical operator to allow you to link together multiple queries.

( ) – Parenthesis are used to group sets of query statements together. They are required when using OR statements.

Field – This signifies that you’d like to put in a comparison test using one of the Fields in the DonorSnap database.

Before/After – This radio button lets DonorSnap know if you’d like to add this query line before the currently highlighted (grayed) line or after it.  Since order may matter when creating a DMP query you’ll need to consider where you place the query line.  (Note – should you find that you put the query lines in the wrong order, you can drag and drop query lines into the order you desire).


  • Your query should never end with an AND or an OR and nothing after it.
  • If you do not see the delete icon, reset your browser zoom level back to 100%

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