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When you just need to create a simple letter or batch of label, this tool is the best option. It does not support images or fancy fonts, but it can be personalized with mail merge fields through a drag and drop interface without ever leaving DonorSnap.

From this interface you can choose:

Labels – DataMinerBatch

Generates Mailing Labels from a report you’ve built in DataMiner Platinum; meaning it will pull the Contact Results of that report, and any fields you included in that report will be available for mail merge. (for example, if you use the “LabelLines” for your mailing label mail merge, you must have included those fields in your DataMinerPlatinum batch.

Letters – DataMinerBatch

Generates a simple mailing letter (8.5×11 piece of paper) to the results of those in your DataMiner Platinum batch.

Labels – Acknowledgement

Generates Mailing Labels for Any Pending Acknowledgements (payments you have entered). From here you can both create a PDF of the labels and mark the payments as Acknowledged.

Letters – Acknowledgement

Generates a simple mailing letter (8.5×11 piece of paper) for Any Pending Acknowledgements (payments you have entered). From here you generate a PDF of the letter and mark the payments as Acknowledged.

Create / Edit Document

This window is similar to the working page of a Word document.

Type the actual text of the document that you’d like to create.

Insert fields into your document by simply dragging the field from the available field list on the right and drop it in the document in the appropriate spot.

Margin Settings

If you are using pre-printed letterhead, modify the margins so that the final document aligns properly on your paper.

Today’s Date

This is a special field that will automatically be set each time the document is printed so you do not need to customize the date each time you generate.

Create Labels

Labels are done identical to other documents.  The only exception is that instead of selecting margins, DonorSnap has provided 3 predefined label layouts:

  • 1″ X 2-5/8″  These come 30 labels per sheet (3 columns of 10 labels)
  • 2-1/3″ X 3-3/8″ These are formatted 8 per sheet (2 columns of 4 labels)
  • 3-1/3″ X 4″ These are formatted 6 labels per sheet (2 columns of 3 labels)

Review Data

The data grid will show all records that will be included in the merge and for Donation records, all of the available fields to use in the merge documents.

This is your last chance to UN-select a contact to be included. OR to sort the list in various ways (click on the Zip Code field, for example, to sort the list in that field).

Click Generate PDF to create the actual documents.  A PDF file will be download to your local computer and, in most cases, the actual PDF will be opened for your review.

Acknowledge Donations

If this Document’s data source was Donation records and you’ve successfully printed the acknowledgment documents, you’ll want to update the Acknowledgement Flag in the donation record so that those Donations are no longer selected for acknowledgment.

Simply click on the blue “Acknowledge” link to the right of the batch that was printed.

This button will not appear for Documents that have DataMiner as a source.

Reprint Documents

If at anytime you want to reprint a specific document or see what was sent out to a contact, DonorSnap maintains an archive of all the PDF’s that have been created.  Simply click on the blue “View PDF” flag if you’d like to examine or reprint documents.  These PDF’s will be available until such time as the specific PDF is deleted (selecting the “garbage can” icon next to the version you want to delete) or the Document itself is deleted.

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