Upload and Manage Word Documents for Acknowledgements and DMP Batch Letters

Processing > Documents and Labels > Upload/Download/Delete

Create your mail merge documents in Word and upload them to your DonorSnap database. Use your documents to generate Acknowledgement Letters, DataMiner Batch Letters, envelopes, name tags, etc.

On this page you can download previously uploaded letters or delete them entirely. After downloading an existing letter to your computer, make any necessary changes in Word and upload it back to DonorSnap. Continue reading “Upload and Manage Word Documents for Acknowledgements and DMP Batch Letters”

Labels and Text Letters

Processing > Documents > Labels and Text Letters

When you just need to create a simple letter or batch of label, this tool is the best option. It does not support images or fancy fonts, but it can be personalized with mail merge fields through a drag and drop interface without ever leaving DonorSnap. Continue reading “Labels and Text Letters”

Batch Code

Community > Contacts > Donation Tab > Batch Code Field

The Batch Code field indicates which thank you letter this payment will receive. Select the batch code as you are entering donations on the Donation tab or through the Mass Entry tool. Batch Codes can also be pre-populated and hidden in an online donation form to be included once the donation is processed in to DonorSnap.

Batch Codes are not automatically populated with the names of your thank you letters nor linked to uploaded letters. Continue reading “Batch Code”