Recurring Donations with goEmerchant FAQ

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Get started collecting online donations in DonorSnap’s Responsive Forms by creating an account with goEmerchant:

How do I add the option for recurring donations to a Responsive Form?
On the Form Builder tab of your form, drag the Recurring Fields line to your form. You’ll see it near the top of the list just below the heading and text box lines.

How do I change the recurring frequency options available on my forms? (monthly, annually, etc.)
On the Form Builder tab of your form, click the edit icon (gear icon) to the left of the Recurring Fields line. In the List Options dropdown, select the frequency options you want displayed on your form. The available frequencies are one-time, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annually.

What is the order of events for a recurring donation entered with a start date in the future?
If a donor submits a monthly donation on January 1st with a start date of January 15th, here’s the order of events:

  1. Immediately an email confirmation will be sent.
  2. An open record will show up in your form for you to load into your database. This record will also have the details of the 1/15 donation record even though it has not been processed by goEmerchant yet.
  3. You would go to the Open Records tab and load the contact and initial donation record into DonorSnap
  4. On 1/15 the first payment will be processed by goEmerchant, but no email will be sent.
  5. On 2/15 the second donation will be processed by goEmerchant.
  6. On 2/16 early in the morning, DonorSnap will receive confirmation of the transaction’s approval
  7. The payment confirmation email is sent.
  8. The new donation record will show up in the Recurring Donations tab of your form.
  9. Load that new donation record into your database.

If I need to edit a field in DonorSnap for an existing recurring donation going forward, how do I do that?
Any changes to a recurring donation from the Open Records tab or on the Recurring Donation tab will affect all future records that show up in the Recurring Donations tab. For example, if you change the campaign field from General Fund to Building Fund, and process the open record, all recurring donation records in the future will also use that change.

How do I reassign a recurring donation from one contact record to another?
On the Recurring Donation tab of your form, click the edit button next to the new donation record. Near the top, click the Change Contact button, find the correct contact, and click the Assign button. After you load the record into your database, all future donations for this payment schedule will automatically be linked to the new contact.

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