Instant, One-Off Email to a Contact

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Use the Instant Email feature to send a quick email to a Contact in your database.

This email will be sent over DonorSnap servers, however you enter your From email address so any Reply will return to your email address.
These emails will also be saved as Notes upon sending.

Add the Email field to your Grid

Choose your User name (top right of the program) and User Settings. Pull the Email field in to the Grid Fields Selected box.

The email will now appear on the grid with an Email icon next to it.

The email details page will appear.

  • Enter your FROM email address (so any “Reply” goes back to you)
  • Enter the From Name the email is coming from (Example, “John Smith”)
  • Enter a BCC (Blind contact) or numerous — separate multiple emails with a comma
  • Enter the subject line
  • Type the body of the email
  • Click Send at the bottom of the details page

Once sent, the record of this email will be saved to the Notes tab.

Email Tracking

Once your email is sent, you can review the status of it from the Email Tracking page found under the Maintenance menu. On that page you can view the sent email, resend the email, and check to see whether it has been opened/clicked/bounced.

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