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DonorSnap allows for an unlimited number of free format notes to be maintained for each contact.  The notes can be categorized and contain any text information.

Either type information into the text area or you can cut and paste from another document or email on your computer.

You cannot upload documents from your computer here (use the Documents tab to upload).

Tag Users to Email a Copy of the Note

Stay connected with your team by tagging them in notes they need to see. The system will send the note by email to everyone tagged in the note.

In the Text Editor toolbar of a new note, click the “Tag a person” box. Choose who you want to tag in the note and when you click save, the system will automatically email that person. All of your site users and organization contacts will show up in that list.

If the person you want to tag isn’t a DonorSnap user, then you can manually tag them by typing an @ and then putting parentheses around the email address. It will look like @(

Notes Created Automatically by DonorSnap

The one-off Instant Emails, Mass Email Campaigns, and Automated Task Manager emails have the option to be stored as notes.

When you perform a Contact merge (Maintenance > Merge Contact) information regarding that merge will be automatically stored as a note.

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